There were thirty three Castellorizians and two crew members who perished as a result of the fire on the Empire Patrol. Most were women and children. Many of their husbands and fathers were already on Castellorizo trying to resurrect their homes and their lives. These deaths were to devastate many family members and the whole Castellorizian community. This was the final blow that resulted in most to migrate to Australia and elsewhere. Photographs and information on those who perished is sought. Please contact the webmaster, Allan.


Chrisanthi (Chrissi) KOUTSOUKOS (nee SAMIOTIS) 1946

Chrisanthi (Chrissi) KOUTSOUKOS had lost both her daughter, Evdokia, and her sister, Asimina, the previous year on the Empire Patrol. Two years earlier at the refugee camp at Gaza Palestine she also lost her two younger daughters to illness or childhood disease. In this photo her eyes tell of her ongoing suffering over these tragic deaths. There were many individuals and many families to experience these same sufferings.





Family history information listed below for those who died on the Empire Patrol is extracted from the book, Embers on the Sea, and from the Castellorizian Genealogy Website at:

Please advise the webmaster of any additional information or of any corrections to those named below.



ALAYALLI Evangelia 3 years

ALAYALLI Maria 6 years

ALAYALLI Stamatia 31 years

AMIGDALOU Katina 2 years

ANDREOU Evangelia (nee PAPANASTASIOU) 64 years

Born c 1881 at Castellorizo the wife of Andeas Peter Andreou and the daughter of the late George Papanastasiou and Triantafilia (nee Efstathiou). The mother of Evdokia (married Nicholas Foundas/Nicholas Stratikis).


CHRISTODOULOU Andreas 8 years

CHRISTODOULOU Christos 6 years

CHRISTODOULOU Despina 4years

CHRISTOFI Kerassia (nee BOLKUS) 76 years

Born c 1869 at Castellorizo the wife of Paraskevas Bolkus and the daughter of Stathi and Chysi Bolkus. The mother of seven children: Zambetta (married George Exintaris) - (she died also on Empire Patrol - see listing below), Christos (married Eleni Kalaitzis), Efstathios (married Glykeria Kiosoglou), Christina (pre-deceased her mother), Erini (married Panayiotis Fermanis), Evangeline (married John Mangos) and Konstantinia (married Konstantinos Moraitis).

DIAMANTARA Christina (nee HATZILEFTERI) 65 years

Born c 1880 at Castellorizo the wife of Spiros Diamandaris and the daughter of Panagiotis Hatzilefteri and Zoe (nee Antonas).

EXINTARI Zambetta (nee CHRISTOFI) 50 years

Born 29 Sep 1895 at Castellorizo the wife of George Exintaris and the daughter of Paraskevas Christofi and Kerassia (Theresia) (nee Bolkus) - who also died Empire Patrol - see listing above. The mother of six children: Anna (married Economos Finikiotis), Stavros, Theresa, Paraskevas, Katina (married Constantinos G Yanardasis) and Apostolos.


FERMANI Chrissanthi 6 years

HAZIPANTELI Evangelia 49 years

KANDILAFTI Asimina 61 years

KARPATHIOU Kristalla 6 years

KYZALA Marianthi 8 years

KOUNGRA Despina 3 years

KOUNGRA Evangelia 1 years

KOUNGRA Unnamed Newborn

KOUTSOUKOU Evdokia 8 years

Born 6 July 1937 at Castellorizo the eldest daughter of Georgios E KOUTSOUKOS and Chrisanthi (nee SAMIOTIS). Her Aunty, Asimina SAMIOTI (see listing below), also drowned that day.

LIVISSIANI Evangelia 65 years

MANDALI Evangelia 71 years

MIHALAKIS Michael 72 years

Born c1873 at Castellorizo, the husband of Evangelia (nee MIRIKLIS) and the son of the late Constantinos and Christina HATZIMICHALAKIS. The father of nine children: Christina (married Michael B MOURSELLAS), Constantine, Kyriakos, Nicholas (married Barbara PITSONIS), Vasilis (married Tassoula), Maria, Evdokia (married Agapitos AGAPITOU), Evangelos (married Barbara DELL) and Chrissafina (married Elias S BATTALIS).


MIRIKLI Katerina 24 years

MIRIKLI Kristalla 74 years

MISTILLIS Stavros 13 years

NITIS Ioannis 7 years

SAMIOTI Asimina 33 years

Born July 15 1912 at Castellorizo the unmarried daughter of Antonios SAMIOTIS and Ekatarina (nee YIALLOURI). Sister of Chrisanthi (married Georgios KOUTSOUKOS), Georgios (married Despina STAMATIS), Maria (married Ioannis AIVALIOTIS), Michalis (married Chrissie DRIMATIS), Nikoloas (married Sofia HALKIA) and Marcos (married Angelina PETRONOLIS). Her niece, Evdokia KOUTSOUKOU, also drowned that day.

SAVA Doukissa 55 years

TSAFOURI Maria 50 years

TSAFOURI Sofia 55 years

TSIGAROU Maria 56 years

ZACHARIA Eleni 80 years




(Note two alphabetical lists below)


The nominal roll lists of those who survived was kindly provided by Dr Paul Boyatzis and obtained from the United Nations Archives and Records Management, New York USA.

The first list are those persons who returned to Castellorizo and the second list are those persons who were relocated elsewhere.




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