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Monday, 22 July 2019 14:32
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1) Ron Tully  Male
United Kingdom
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Hi There,
I was wondering if any one could help, I was going through some papers of my late farther and came across a paper clipping regarding the Empire Patrol, me and my farther were estranged for many year but In his later life we remembered him telling us a story about the Empire Patrol, my farther served on board HMS Mermaid, this is a long shot but I'am trying to put some things together about my late farther, he told me and my wife about this disaster and that he saw a baby in the water and that he jumped in to rescue the baby but was told off for doing so. as i mentioned this is a long shot but it would be great if somebody, as remembered. as it mentions in the guestbook people never forget.

regards Ron
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