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Monday, 22 July 2019 14:09
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1) Tina Panigiris  Female
Sydney NSW
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My Father-In-Law's(Peter Paul Panigiris,God rest his soul) sisters were on the boat, who one of them (Despina Mavrou, nee Panigiris) to this day lives with her family on Castellorizo. The other sister (Elizabeth Fountas nee Panigiris) lives in Adelaide South Australia. Thea Elisabeth left her 6 week old baby on the burning boat, as she gave up on trying to get through the flames and black smoke. In seeing this, her sister Despina immersed herself in water and went back to look for the baby, She found him (a boy named Paul who lives in South Australia with his own family) and put him in the front part of her dress lifting it up and clenching it with her teeth to form a pouch. they were saved, and I've heard this story many times in my 30 year marriage to my husband George Peter Panigiris. I find listening eagerly everytime that story is told (being from Cazzie descent myself, my grandparents were Eleutherios Amigdalos and Despina Karpathio), with sadness for the lives lost, but with admiration for such a strong woman as Thea Despo.
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