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Monday, 25 May 2020 20:28
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6) Tiffany Jewelry  Female
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This is a best site i ever seen! Thanx so much! I like it!
5) Pantazis Constantine Houlis 
Perth, Australia
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Congratulations!!! My dad (Constantine Houlis) was on Empire Patrol (he was seven years old at that time). I will immediately inform him about this website. Even though it wasn't me at the disaster, I teared as if it was me, because of the the life story told to me from my dad. Thank you for keeping alive and remembering all those. It is an important part of the island of Kastellorizo.
4) Marilyn Tsolakis 
Perth, Western Australia
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Congratulations to all those involved (Dr Paul Boyatzis, Allan Cresswell, Nicholas Pappas)in creating such a comprehensive account of the Empire Patrol tragedy. The historical information is important for all to know and the moving stories of the people who survived adds to the power of the story. My paternal grandmother, Maria Tsolakis, after whom I was named, was also on the boat. Unfortunately, she is no longer alive to tell her story. That's why these stories help me to understand what she went through at the time. She was travelling with her son Anastasi, daughter Marou and granddaughters, Marianthi & Rosa. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource. It reinforces the need for the unveiling of the Empire Patrol monument on Kastellorizo later this year.
3) Eva- Michelle Koutsoukos  Female
Perth, Western Australia
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Congratulations Allan Cresswell and Paul Boyatzis - what a moving website!

On behalf of those of us who were not born at the time, yet were so affected by the Empire Patrol disaster, in one way or another by the tragedy it brought to our families – THANK YOU.

I would like to express my personal thanks and gratitude to Allan Cresswell for his diligence, in seeing this mammoth task come to fruition. I am named after my sister – Evdokia Koutsoukos – aged 8 years, who perished on the day of the Navagio.

Allan has met with and interviewed many of the survivors of the ill fated Empire Patrol, and we the ‘emotional survivors’ of this disaster, would like to thank him for the many thousands of unpaid hours he has put into this huge, huge project, so we may have some history to pass on to our grandchildren.

Please contact the website with even the smallest bit of history you have, or have had passed down to you, so our descendants may have some knowledge of our perished loved ones. May their memories be eternal.


Allan, we are forever grateful Allan.
Evdokia- Michalakena Koutsoukos (Eva-Michelle)
2) Connie Gregory  Female
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Congratulations Allan Cresswell and Paul Boyatzis - an excellent website bringing together a plethora of reliable information on a well-constructed website.
1) Allan Cresswell  Male
Perth WA
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Welcome to the Empire Patrol Disaster Website. This website will be expanded and enhanced commencing March 2010. Articles and photographs are most welcomed. Please do visit regularly to see the ongoing development.

Your comments in the guestbook would be appreciated and do email us on mail@empirepatrol.com with submissions of stories or photographs.

Allan & Paul
Perth WA
March 10 2010
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